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🌟Electrolysis works for every skin tone and every hair type!🌟
Here at Caltrology Electrolysis, we use only the best electrolysis machines available on the market, and they are being operated by licensed and board-certified staff. Our team uses both the Apilus Senior 3G, which is the #1- sold electrolysis machine in the world, as well as the Apilus XCell, which utilizes the most advanced and efficient technology on the market. The Apilus XCell machine uses 27.12 MHz ultrafast radio frequency. This frequency is up to six times faster than other hair removal devices, and the treatment is performed so quickly that the sensation is less noticeable. The current used is lightning quick from between 100th to 1,000th of a second. 

Welcome to Caltrology

At Caltrology, we view both inner and outer beauty as unique forms of art and avenues for self-expression. Each individual’s skin and hair narrate their personal journey and distinctiveness, which we celebrate through our clients' self-care, including their hair removal solutions for unwanted hair. From advanced electrolysis to gentle waxing and eco-friendly sugaring, we have a strong mission to help our clients feel great in their skin.


What makes us unique is that our mission extends beyond just individual hair removal treatments to include advocacy for broader access to necessary care. As passionate supporters for women who suffer from hirsutism or PCOS, our team is dedicated to ensuring that essential services like electrolysis eventually become recognized and covered by insurance, providing relief and support to those affected by these conditions.


Join our community at Caltrology, where you are not just another appointment but a valued part of our collective path to embracing and expressing the most confident and empathetic version of ourselves.

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The Next 50 New Clients Whose Combined Services Total $100 or More Will Receive a Free Caltrology Electrolysis Goodie Bag!

Caltrology Goodie Bag For Our Clients


Contact us to book a consultation and find out why electrolysis will work for you!

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