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Caltrology Appointment Etiquette

Please arrive on time or even more optimal, 10 minutes early, for a smooth check-in. Feel free to take a seat in our comfortable waiting area located directly across from the receptionist’s desk. A Caltrology staff member will come out to greet you in the waiting area at your appointment time, after they have finished with their last client and disinfected the treatment room.


Electrolysis is a time-based service. Out of respect for our clients’ time and schedules, if you are late to your appointment, our staff will still be required to end your treatment at the originally scheduled time and you will still be charged for your full appointment time. No exceptions. If you are more than 10 minutes late for a 30 minute appointment, more than 15 minutes late for a 45 minute appointment, or more than 30 minutes late for a 60 minute or longer appointment, we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment and charge you for your full treatment time. This allows our staff to stay on schedule for their next appointment.


The best way to get the most out of each session is to arrive on time with clean, well-hydrated skin, and to have at least 1/8th inch (2mm) of hair growth (usually 3 days of growth).


Your treatment time for each session includes time for a Skin and Hair Assessment, skin preparation/sanitization, client positioning, removal of the unwanted hair, 2-5 minutes of post-treatment care (either cataphoresis or a high-frequency treatment), progress pictures (via a company iPad that is password protected and only accessible by Caltrology team members), and payment processing.

What to bring:

*A mask/face covering if you prefer to have one

*A jacket if you tend to get cold (We can also provide you with a freshly washed blanket)

*Cozy socks (You will be asked to remove your shoes before sitting on the treatment table.

Shoe covers will be provided if you would prefer to leave your shoes on.)


What not to bring:

*Pets or small children

*Heavy perfumes

*Your cell phone conversation or any music/videos/games without headphones

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